Beginning in 2007, Fios clarified its market position to offering expertise in readiness and response, offering a direct reversal of the widely-held industry position that discovery is something that happens to you, a sequence of threat and reaction. Targeted at the senior-counsel type who might have a passing knowledge of electronic discovery processes, this piece starts with the basics, moves into a discussion of Fios' process model and discusses how it applies to different constituencies.

Copy, written by our friend Timothy Leigh, is short, punchy, acronym-free and kept to under two hundred words per spread with a system of sidenotes deployed to explain technical terms. Illustration is simple and bold, using only Fios' red, black and gray. Michael Jones' informal portraits of Fios team members finish the argument with a human face.

Cover detail

From the simple icons employed in Fios' brand language – documents, folders – Pinch developed a system of patterns to help illustrate some of the basic precepts of electronic discovery: the necessity of knowing, in all of your company's documents, where the legally sensitive ones are.


Cover of presentation folder.

We built the container along the lines of a standard letter-size file folder, with the view that the sales rep could use the tab to customize the book. Legal-size would have been more appropriate for the target market, but would have made handling too difficult.

Presentation folder, open.

Although both the folder and brochure were designed to have lives outside of each other, about two-thirds of the print run were stitched together. Two high pockets were included to accommodate other collateral snugly.


Opening spread.

A very short, simple argument for proper planning in document storage. Note black to red color progression, mirroring that in the Fios logo. The long, narrow proportion of the book renders a square, like the logo, when opened.


Second spread.

Introduction of the document. A discussion of the various types of electronic files that fall under the purview of legal discovery.


Third spread.

Introduction of the concepts of readiness and response. Our simple document icon from the previous page has become one of thousands, but still needs to be located.


Fourth spread.

Discussion of the two aspects of Fios business: consulting on readiness, and the nitty-gritty production of response, broken out into seven simple steps.


Fifth spread.

The Fios process model, and how it applies to the company's four major constituencies illustrated by a quartet of anecdotes drawn from actual (though, sadly, anonymous) case studies. One of the hardest aspects of telling this story was our inability – for legal reasons – to name names.


Sixth spread.

A menu of specific solutions offered by Fios for various aspects of the discovery process. Straight type, elegantly deployed. A good example of language as the best illustrator; each of these offerings would be extremely difficult to symbolize, but can be explained by a good writer in fifty words or less.


Final spread.

There is very little technological differentiation in the electronic discovery business; Fios offers reference-standard technology on the execution side; but its value proposition is that it also provides deep consulting experience and service under the same roof. Here, the quality of people actually do make a difference. Photographs of actual shiny, happy Fios employees (no stock, dammit) done by our friend Michael Jones.