Following is a listing of people and organizations we work with regularly, from time to time, or just admire. In alphabetical order, not in order of affection. We love them all equally.

AdPrint Co.

Family-owned premium commercial printer based in Portland, Oregon. John Trachtenberg, the owner, would like us to put the name of his company in ALL CAPS. [Hi, John. McIsaac here; I don't do all caps. Sorry about that.] But we do send AdPrint our medium-sized offset printing (including stationery) and they do all of our digital printing, because they're the only folks who take digital as seriously as offset. Also, they will do amazing things if you treat them with respect and kindness. And probably if you don't, but we don't play it that way.

Anvil Media

New media firm specializing in search engine optimization, headed by Pinch chum Kent Lewis. The place to go for search, especially if you got here from Google, because he helped us optimize this site.

Jim Appleton, Photographer

Possessed of keen humor and an idiosyncratic eye, Mr. Appleton is also something of a fixer, owing to his long years as a location scout for film. He knows where everything is, how to get to it, and how to shoot it once he gets there. And he's like Lee Friedlander when he flies off the handle.

The Daylight Studio

A general-purpose Web development concern owned by our friend Shawn Mann, Daylight gets it done, and at any level you want, from general-contracting a Web project to piecework. Mr. Mann is smart, responsive, and responsible, which isn't so common nowadays. And if he doesn't know something today, he will tomorrow.


Family-owned premium commercial printer based in Portland, Oregon. We've had a relationship with Dynagraphics for more than fifteen years. We've known some of the press operators since they were working the feeder end. Dynagraphics has three 40-inch 6-color presses, and uses them to do fine-art quality printing. Our rep, Mark Evans, is one of the nicest fellas in the business. He gets it done. They also have a very useful packaging design and prototyping department.

Luis Echeverria

We turn to Mr. Echeverria – who works out of Los Angeles – for heavy lifting in the Web development arena. He does bespoke scripting work and database design: what sets him apart from other excellent developers is that he has excellent communication skills. A good, clear writer, and he works well directly with clients, which is key for us. He writes his code by hand, which we also admire, and he gets Web standards. His stuff just works.

Exhibits and Events

Our friend Bill Leighton plans and builds exhibits. We have yet to meet a man who can get more done in as little time, without compromise. His secret: no wasted motion.

Michael Jones, Photographer

A consummate craftsman and the Swiss Army knife among Portland photographers, Mr. Jones can photograph anything, in the studio or on location, better than more or less anyone else. He can also get along with anybody. Bonus: Mrs. Jones, who runs the studio, is a Cordon Bleu-trained chef (in France, natch, like a straight player), which comes in handy when that product shoot rolls past the dinner hour.

Pyramid Communications

Seattle-based marketing communications firm specializing in work for good causes. There's some overlap with us in the capabilities department, but we like their work, and we like their folks. The Portland office is run by the whip-smart Steve Novick, who may be Oregon's next governor.